75 gr.

Foot Powder Deodorant

Foot Powder Deodorant

Against Wetness and Odour

Specially formulated to control wetness, absorb moisture preventing fungi growth, and to reduce the bacteria that cause bad odor.

Active Ingredients: Silicon, zinc undecylenate, cloridrato, talc, kaolin, Silver Micronized.


Product Description

Formulated with Aluminium Chlorhydrate to regulate sweating and Micronized Silver, that becomes Silver-Ion when in direct contact with the skin. This fact inactivate important proteins, such as transmembrane transport proteins and intracellular enzymes that cause DNA damage in the bacteria preventing the growth.

Polvos pedicos desodorantes

How to Apply

  • Apply after cleaning and drying the feet and between the toes, just as inside the shoe and socks.
  • Do not apply to peeling or irritate skin.
  • Do not use in children under age 3.

Como actúan los polvos desodorantes para los pies


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